The Graduate Program in Communication at the Federal University of Piauí - PPGCOM / UFPI - was approved by the UFPI Council of Teaching, Research and Extension - CEPEX / UFPI through the Resolution 113/2010 on 06/28/2010, and recommended by CAPES in the 124th. Meeting of CTC - Technical-Scientific Council of Higher Education, between February 28 and March 1, 2011 with concept 3, linked to the area of ​​Communication and Information. PPGCOM offers the Master course in Communication, carrying out teaching, research and extension activities linked to the area of ​​concentration "Communication Processes" in the research lines "Processes and Practices in Journalism" and "Media and production of subjectivities", integrating professors, students and researchers from Brazilian and foreign universities. In this way, it seeks to carry out the training of masters, qualifying them academically for the exercise of teaching, research and extension, allowing a diversified, reflective and critical formation. In this perspective, it is intended a training oriented to the most diverse issues that outline the "Communication" area in contemporary societies.   Coordination: Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Gustavo Silvano Batista - gustavosilvano@ufpi.edu.br Sub-Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Gustavo Fortes Said - gsaid@uol.com.br Technical-administratives: Fátima Melo and Mário Lustosa Address: Federal University of Piaui Centro de Ciências da Educação "Professor Mariano da Silva Neto" Graduate Program in Communication (PPGCOM) - Room nº 462 University Campus Ministro Petrônio Portella - Ininga CEP -64.049-550 - Teresina – Piauí Phone: (86) 3215-5967 E-mails: mestradoppgcom@gmail.com/ ppgcompi@ufpi.edu.br

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    Telefone/Ramal: (86)3215-5967

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    E-mail: ppgcompi@ufpi.edu.br

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